Where will one of the most wanted electronic music producers be in September? In Szczecin Philharmonic underground car park. A_GIM, cause this is the man in question, will play during MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival 2019 on September, 13th in an area where no concert has ever taken place before, and the ice palace’s undergorund will be filled with the best electronic sounds.
Agim Dżeljilji, commonly known as A_GIM, will present the material from his solo album ‘Votulia’. Also, the audience will hear his newest work that will come to light in some time. During the concert the synthesizer’s rhythms will face live instruments. Minimal techno with a touch of pulsing bass that we know the artist studio sound from will get new, translike vibe.

On stage A_GIM will be joined by a drummer – Lukasz Moskal. Additionally, the concert will be supported by KLARK (Kamil Durski from Lilly Hates Roses) and the band called BEMY which the audience might recognise from their cooperation with A_GIM. All this will take place in the area musiacally inaccessible till now – in the underground Philharmonic’s car park. Music and light will take us there.

A_GIM is one of the most experienced electronic music producer in Poland. Mamy times nominated to Fryderyk award. Since 2004, being an Öszibarack co-founder, he has realeased four longplays which were so successful that it resulted in being invited to play at festivals (Eurosonic and Europavox among others). Also as a producer he supported Husky. Over the last couple of years together with Igor Pudło from Skalpel and Janek Młynarski he co-created a project called Nervy in which he could combine his love for synth sound with live instruments. In 2017 A_GIM’s debut EP was released. ‘Votulia’ is an album consisting of 6 tracks in which the artist explores electronic music that brings to mind such labels as BPitch Control or Kompakt Records. The album features KLARK, Novika i BEMY.

A_GIM will perform on September 13th at the Philharmonic in Szczecin during the first concert of  MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival 2019!

More info about the program and the tickets soon.
08-05-2019, 12:49:29
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