MAX COOPER | Unspoken Words
fr. 23-09-2022, 21:00
Electronic music concert
The Friday festival evening will be devoted to electronic music. British DJ and producer Max Cooper, a leading artist on the international electronic scene, will present his latest project, Unspoken Words.
Cooper is an interdisciplinary artist who is undoubtedly influenced by his scientific career as a genetics doctor. In his work, he successfully combines music, visual arts, science, film, choreography, psychology and spirituality. Each project he creates – a concert, installation, performance – is a unique experience. It will also be no different during the concert as part of the fifth edition of the MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival, when the musician will take us to the world of his thoughts, full of harmonious ambient landscapes with well-balanced deep techno here and there.

I've always struggled with words. Attempts to convey anything meaningful about my inner state, in any way that seems to do justice, have always been beyond me. But music avoids language – says Max Cooper, describing his latest project. I tried to condense my music to its basics and simply try to express what I felt as directly as possible, he adds.

"Unspoken Words", however, as always in the case of Cooper, is not only music. As an audiovisual artist, he enriches his music and the ideas and stories that inspire it with images. So we will hear the songs that make up the latest album, and the whole will be complemented by spectacular video clips created by various artists, especially on commission and under the direction of Max Cooper himself.

As the artist says, when, in collaboration with individual visual artists, he began to transform his feelings and the latest works into video form, something interesting appeared – a new quality. As always, there have been many visual analogies and structures inherent in music, and as usual, I have instructed every artist about them. But making the film revealed a different underlying narrative that music alone could not convey, says Cooper.

In line with the leading idea of ​​this year's edition of MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival, in the ascetic space of the hall, Max Cooper will reveal more faces of Harmony to us. Knowing his artistic achievements so far, we are convinced that the meeting with the album Unspoken Words will be a unique and perfect ending to the festival's third day.

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