About festival
MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival is a space where borders get crossed – a moment when we can experiment MORE. It is a dimension that we do not experience every day.

One day, we decided to blur the line between art disciplines to see what MORE will be created at the meeting point of different genres and styles. We decided to combine various patterns and forms, implementing projects that we do not have the opportunity to present during the artistic season. This way, the MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival was born – an experience waiting in the unique architectural space of the Philharmonic in Szczecin, going beyond it MORE than usual.

During the last three editions, we focused on creating spectacular premieres. It was MORE than forty events, stunning with the place, sound, light and space. Together, we checked how many MORE borders the Most Beautiful Building in Europe would allow us to cross. We built complicated constructions; we put not so obvious forms. We took you into a world with us that under no circumstances had no right to be created anyMORE.
This time it will be different… because borders are not crossed only by MORE-structural unity, simplicity, neutrality. Minimalism, in its ideological assumption, rejects an opaque and complicated form. Present in music, architecture, visual arts, and everyday life, it is distinguished above all by its reduction. The spiritual father of minimalism, Mies van der Rohe, used to say that God is in the details. It is the details that fill and inspire people while the excess paradoxically causes insufficiency. Therefore, we will turn to LESS.

During the fourth edition of the MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival, taking place on September 22nd – 26th, 2021, Szczecin will become the capital of MINIMALISM. Concerts, exhibitions, conferences and workshops will be held in minimalist interiors, awarded in the 2015 Mies van der Rohe Contemporary Architecture Competition.

But… doesn't LESS mean MORE? See for yourself at the Philharmonic in Szczecin.
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