How to tune the world? | Argument Duel
wd. 20-09-2023, 18:00
Argument Duel is a form of open expert debate with active participation from the audience on the impact of the climate crisis on individual and social human behaviour. Its main goal is to discuss the topic of environmental protection in Poland and worldwide. The ecological perspective through the lens of culture and art will also be addressed. The duel aims to discuss the climate crisis and changes in social attitudes towards rapidly changing reality. It will take the form of a debate in which the audience can actively participate by voicing their support or opposition to the presented concept by changing seats.
The duel will consist of three discussion panels. Six experts will participate, and radio journalist Agnieszka Obszańska will moderate the entire event.
Anna Pięta
Szymon Bujalski
Dominika Lasota
Oliwia Mróz-Malik
Piotr Klimek
Michał Owczarski