GrubSon | AbradAb | Sadowska
fr. 22-09-2023, 19:00
Symphony Hall
An Energetic Evening with the big band in the leading role, arranged and envisioned by Mariusz Dziubek, who enriches songs of various musical styles and diverse performers with wind instruments (aerophones)!
Once again, the Szczecin Philharmonic Big Band invites outstanding artists to collaborate and explore new, unexpected sounds together. The big band combines pleasure with art and prepares special repertoires, utilising unlimited performance possibilities. This time, in the Golden Hall, the renowned rappers GrubSon and AbradAb, as well as Polish singer Marysia Sadowska, known for her jazz, pop, funk, and electronic music, will perform alongside the big band under the direction of Mariusz Dziubek. It will be a dynamic fusion of completely different musical genres. Undoubtedly, one of the most energetic evenings of the year lies ahead of us!
Maria Sadowska
Adrian Łabanowski
Mariusz Dziubek