Creating musical instruments from recycled materials
sa. 22-09-2018, 10:00
foyer sali symfonicznej
Workshops for children
Composer of the piece for such instruments: Dominika Sobkowiak
Host: KODA Kids

Admission free after prior registration (the number of places is limited)

The main task for the children taking part in the workshops will be the creation of instruments from recycling materials. Due to the public debate on environmental protection, the Philharmonic in Szczecin has planned to use reusable packaging as the main material. Instruments made of reusable packaging created by children will be used for a joint performance of a composition written specifically for the needs of the project. The instruments will be tested in various places of the philharmonic building, which will stimulate children's imagination and sensitize them to the surrounding space. Workshops of this type develop creative thinking and allow the youngest to understand difficult issues related to acoustics and spatial sound.
KODA Kids group specializes in workshops for children in the field of architecture and design. For several years, KODA Kids has been trying to expand children's sensitivity and to direct the attention of the youngest to decoding of space, by hosting architectural workshops. The group is represented by: Aleksandra Rus, Katarzyna Zwolak and Edyta Waszak, graduates of the Szczecin University of Technology in the field of Architecture and Urban Planning. They deal with conducting architectural workshops for children and youth, and run their own architectural studio. As part of education, the KODA Kids group has completed workshops, including those:
● at the Kids Love Design festival (2012-2014) in cooperation with the Artmosphere Foundation,
● in the Trafostacja Sztuki in Szczecin (2014),
● at the Youth Palace in Szczecin (2015),
● at the Westival festival (2013-2016) organized by SARP,
● in the "Tworzę się" gallery in cooperation with the Media Dizajn Association and the Las Sztuki Association,
● at the Gdynia Design Days festival (2016 and 2017).

The group has also carried out design workshops on creating a mascot for the Philharmonic in Szczecin (2018).
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