Einaudi | Divenire
fr. 25-09-2020, 19:00
symphonic concert / online broadcast
symphony hall | paid broadcast on
The work of the contemporary Italian composer and pianist Ludovic Einaudi belongs to the genre of minimalist music. The composer most often creates pieces for the piano but also uses other instruments from time to time. He has also worked on soundtracks for films throughout his career. Several essential tracks from his albums are used in many television productions.
"Divernire" – the composer's seventh studio album – is a coherent and exciting music, described by many as the best of the entire minimalist movement. Einaudi uses consecutive sounds and chords to build tension, emotion, climaxes, and at the same time, sophisticated passages, phrases, and compilations. Although the music flows continuously, construction and deconstruction simultaneously take place, sometimes depressing and sometimes hoping, as intended, and the message of the following pieces.

Ludovico Einaudi's works were inspired by the paintings of the 19th-century Swiss artist Giovanni Segantini, born and living in an Alpine valley, entitled "La vita", "La Natura" and "La Morte". The triptych shows the mountain scenery of Soglio, the twilight over the Schafberg peak, and the winter landscape on the Maloja Pass. The title composition "Divernire" had its premiere in the Dolomites, against the backdrop of the Pale di San Martino mountain range.

The final concert of MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival 2020 will take us musically to the mountains, and thanks to the pictorial music performed by the Szczecin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and pianist Zuzanna Całka, we will see Alpine landscapes painted with music.
Zuzanna Całka
Christian Schumann
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