Illumination displays on the building facade
wd. 23-09-2020, 20:50
th. 24-09-2020, 20:50
fr. 25-09-2020, 20:50
sa. 26-09-2020, 20:50
sn. 27-09-2020, 20:50
illumination show
During the festival, the Philharmonic will itself become an artistic object both inside and outside. Once again, the white facade of the building will become a kind of canvas. We invite you to exclusive illumination shows accompanying the MDF 2020 Festival, for which Pushka Studio in Szczecin is responsible. On 23rd-27th September from 20:00 to midnight.
Dorota Kołodziejczyk, Radosław Deruba, and Bartosz Wójcicki PuH make up the creative Pushka Studio. They move in the new media areas with a strong emphasis on motion design, 3D video mapping, multimedia installations, and set design. Pushka Studio is a team of professionals driven by passion. Winners of VJ Battle at Interference Festival 2015. Finalists of the Circle of Light 2016 Moscow International Festival and Polish Graphic Design Awards 2018 competition in Opole, Warsaw, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Brussels, and Malta.
Pushka Studio
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