Patryk Matwiejczuk
Flexibility, the ability to interact with others, spontaneity and versatility. These are features that Patryk Matwiejczuk appreciates in music and musicians. He graduated from the piano class at the Academy of Art in Szczecin, under the supervision of Prof. Waldemar Wojtal and Urszula Szyryńska, PhD. The roots thus embedding him in the musical awareness of craftsmanship and workshop allowed him to focus his interest on broadly understood improvised music. Winning the improvisation competition "Gorzów Przystań" (2015), as well as all kinds of consultations and workshops, from participation in Szczecin Audio Shores (2012), through the European Jazz School (2018), the International Jazz Platform (2020), were and are for him a source of constant development and inspiration. One of the consultations carried out resulted in the graduation from Jazz and Stage Music at the Academy of Music in Poznań, in the class of Krzysztof Dys, PhD.
Having the opportunity to perform material on the border of free, classical or folk music, he successfully combines many trends and genres in his artistic work. He collaborated with musicians such as Anna Gadt or Adam Sztaba, and at the same time he co-creates the musicians' milieu in Szczecin along with Tomasz Licak, Paweł Grzesiuk, Paweł Rozmarynowski, Katarzyna Olczykowska and many other. Since 2018, he has been a co-creator of the Poznań quintet Unleashed Cooperation, with which in 2020 he won an ensemble and individual award at the Jazz nad Odrą Festival. He also won an individual award at the Powiew Młodego Jazzu competition at the Crocus Jazz Festival in the same year. In November 2020, he participated as a pianist in the "Pieśni Wisława z Rugii" concert, translating early music into a symphony orchestra and rhythm section. In September 2021, he will premiere with the Philharmonic Orchestra in Szczecin Mateusz Czarnowski's piano concerto written especially for him.
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