Tomasz Torres & Paulina Łaba-Torres
Tomasz Torres is a graduate of the Wrocław Academy of Music in the jazz section. Professionally, he is a co-founder of Afromental, Urszula Dudziak's and Slawek Uniatowski's drummer. He loves relaxation and meditation music.
Currently, he is creating his first solo album, Sonic Energy on handpan, which has become his second main instrument right after the drums. In addition to instrumental pieces, the album will also feature songs with special guests. One of them is his wife, Paulina Łaba-Torres. Together, they composed the song Nowa Ty, a single announcing this release.

Paulina Łaba-Torres is a musical and dubbing actress. She performs in musical theatres in Poland. Among others, she has played roles in Mamma Mia and Pilots at the Roma Musical Theatre in Warsaw and Pretty Woman at the Variete Theatre in Krakow. She is also associated with the Musical Theatre in Łódź.

Paulina and Tomek have recently joined their artistic paths, creating a harmonious duo that is based on their exceptional feeling and great love for music.
th. 22-09-2022, 21:00
TOMEK TORRES | Sonic Energy
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