The five-day festival is over, the guiding principle of which was minimalism. During various events – concerts, performances, exhibitions, conferences – we tried to express the entire content through a minimal form and show the philosophy of minimalism from many perspectives.

First point: Music.

In this festival area, we prepared five concerts – each of them considered minimalism in a different dimension. From the inaugural performance of Paweł Mykietyn, who reduced his composition to two chords and silence, playing the musical form, sound colour and the space of the building, through the electronic live act of the Extrawelt duo, who took over the Philharmonic Lobby and a charming therapeutic concert – Autypody with the participation of students with dysfunctions, to the classic forms presented by ÉxQuartet with guest participation of Patryk Matwiejczuk, in a stunning visual setting – we encourage you to watch the concert online on the Philharmonic channels on Facebook and YouTube.

The final concert in the Symphony Hall, performed by the Szczecin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra led by maestro Jonathan Stockhammer, showed us various scenes of minimalist music and proved that this trend is developmental and multidimensional. The concert is broadcast on

We would like to thank all the artists for participating in the festival and facing the musical aspect of minimalism.

Second point: Design.

Here, in turn, we will refer to the second point, i.e. illumination and installations prepared by Pushka Studio. Every day we were accompanied by an installation in the hall consisting of illuminated cubes and the previously mentioned visualizations, both inside during the events and outside, on the facade of the building. Naturally, both forms found interest among professionals, but also amateurs of the art of photography.

Third point: Form.

This year we focused on a varied form of presenting different genres of art. We also tried to involve you in some of the events, hence the performance that took place in several spaces of the Philharmonic and the therapeutic concert in the Chamber Hall, which turned into a cave full of blue and talented fireflies. It is impossible not to mention the exhibition "A small whirlpool in the middle of the ocean" at the Level 4 Gallery, where the presented works may seem far from minimalism at first glance. The exhibition will be available until November 19, 2021.

An important part of the festival was the Polish-German conference accompanying MDF 2021 – "The art of living – less is better", which was an inspiring meeting of people who implement the idea of ​​minimalism daily. Great speakers from Poland and Germany shared their vision of the world, experience and good practices in this field. We encourage you to watch the conference broadcast HERE.

The Clochee Relaxation Zone, organized in the Gallery at the Orthodox Church, was also very popular with the festival participants. A portion of relaxation awaited everyone.

Every evening we could also admire the illumination of the Philharmonic building designed in the minimalism trend by Pushka Studio.

Thank you for your presence, and we hope to see you next year at the next edition of MDF Festival 2022.

28-09-2021, 08:14:11
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