Apparatjik (supergroup) is a Scandinavian band founded in 2008, known for its avant-garde approach to synth-pop sound. Currently, it is made up of: Magne Furuholmen, member and founder of the band "A-ha" (guitarist and keyboardist), Jonas Bjerre from the Danish ensemble "Mew" (vocalist and guitarist) and Martin Terefe (drummer and producer). The ensemble members share not only a unique sound, but also the way of approaching the possibilities of artistic expression i.a. through visual arts.
The name of the band translated literally means "camera agent" and has its source in the word of Russian origin, which means bureaucratization within the organization (in the past also: a communist agent or spy.) The unique member composition of the band results in remarkable music, which is difficult to assign to only one genre of music.
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Exhibition – Apparatjik
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Dimensions of Music Form