Piotr Topperzer
Piotr Topperzer was born in Poland and went to Denmark in 1969, where an encounter with the new culture evoked his photographical sight; originally Piotr Topperzer studied languages, but it was as a narrator of photography he revealed himself in his new home country.
His main interest is people, his mode of expression is characterized by an international, minimalistic elegance and style, rooted in a European-American portrait tradition that points back to the 1930’s. His light setting is striking and the close studies of the models are sensual in the perception of the space and the sculptural element. The traditional genres within the photographical field lies as a solid structure embedded in his work.

In Denmark, Piotr Topperzer is known for a series of portray-suites, amongst others the time demanding "long-term-projects": Café Portraits (1986), In Denmark I am…(1993) and Portraitists (2003). The titles cover both books and exhibitions. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning the photographic illustrations for Niels-Jørgen Kaiser's art-biography The World of Henning Koppel (2000), the book The art of renewing the city written by Jens Kvorning (1996), the book Art at Copenhagen Business School (2002), and the book Georg Jensen silver and design written by Thomas C. Thulstrup (2004).

In Denmark I am… was displayed at the opening exhibition at The Museum of National History in Frederiksborg in September 1993. Subsequently the complete series of portraits that cover widespread Danish culture was acquired for The National Portrait gallery.

The new suite of portraits, Portraitists, was likewise created as an independent project in Piotr Topperzers works. It was displayed at the museum for the 10 year anniversary at the museum of Frederiksborg’s modern collection, marking the art of portraits and the people who constitute its decisive driving force.