Audiokolor is a collaboration of Stefan Brunner and Timm Ringewaldt. While Stefan usually focusses on the musical part, Timms domain are moving pixels. Both have a great passion for algorithms, mostly Max /Jitter based.
Stefan Brunner worked on stage either solo or in cooperation with artists such as Arto Lindsay or Melvin Gibbs in venues like the Angelica Festival Bologna, Signal and Noise Vancouver, Portikus Frankfurt, HBC Berlin, Faena Forum Miami, the Austrian EXPO Pavilion Shanghai etc. Most recently he worked as part of the artist duo Audiokolor where he collaborated with artists like Apparatjik for exhibitions in the Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin, the Oslo Museum of Contemporary Art, Go with the Flø Norway, CTM Berlin among others and together with Pedro Lopes in the improvisational duo Hour of the Wolf.

Timm Ringewaldt studied visual communication in Aachen and Berlin. He was part of the late 90s VJ community, co-founder of the CTM Festival and worked for theatres and festivals across Germany and Austria. Between 2014 and 2017 he was head of Dreinull Motion company, which produced animations and installations for rock’n’roll stages, museums and trade shows. Since this year he he put his focus back on the artistic work under the lables autokolor and audiokolor.
Emphasis of his artistic work is the production of moving pictures, often in connection with installations that provoke interactions with the viewer or the social environment. His video works play with the flow of time and deal with architecture and structures.
sn. 23-09-2018, 19:00
Dimensions of Music Form