Czesław Mozil
Czesław Mozil is a Polish-Danish singer who was born in 1979 in Zabrze. He is a graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. He returned to Poland at 28 and, together with his friends, formed the band Tesco Value, with whom he released two albums in 2002 and 2004. A few months after the release of their second album, the band decided to take a break, and Mozil focused on his solo career.
Under the pseudonym Czesław Śpiewa, he debuted in 2008 with the album "Debiut" (Debut). The song "Maszynka do świerkania" (The Little Chirping Machine) became a huge hit. The subsequent singles included "Mieszko i Dobrawa" (Mieszko and Dobrawa) as the beginning of the Polish State and "Ucieczka z wesołego miasteczka" (Escape from the Amusement Park). The album achieved platinum status twice, and Czesław received three Fryderyk Awards.

In 2010, Mozil released his second studio album, "Pop," which repeated his previous album's success and went gold. The album was promoted by singles such as "W sam raz" (Just Right) and "Krucha blondynka" (Fragile Blonde). Well-known musicians, including Gaba Kulka, Nergal, and Kasia Nosowska, are featured as guest vocalists on the album. Another album he released was "Czesław śpiewa Miłosza" (Czesław Sings Miłosz) in 2011, featuring songs with lyrics by the great poet. The album received nominations for the 2012 Fryderyk Awards in the categories of Album of the Year – Poetic Song and Best Album Artwork. In 2013, he collaborated with Mela Koteluk, recording the song "Pieśń o szczęściu" (Song about Happiness), which promoted the biographical film "Baczyński." He subsequently released the albums "Księga Emigrantów. Tom I" (Book of Emigrants. Volume I) in 2014 and "Czesław Śpiewa & Arte dei Suonatori" in 2017. His latest album to date is the Christmas album titled "Kiedyś to były święta" (Once Upon a Time, There Were Holidays) in 2018, which he recorded with the band Grajkowie Przyszłości (Future Minstrels).

In 2011, Czesław joined the panel of judges on the X Factor talent show and remained a judge for all four seasons. In 2015, he hosted his radio show, "Bumerang Czesława", on Radio Zet. In 2015, he also released his autobiography titled "Nie tak łatwo być Czesławem" (It's Not So Easy to Be Czesław). He tried his hand at acting, appearing in the lead role in the film "Szkoła uwodzenia Czesława M." (Czesław M.'s Seduction School).
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