On the Trail of Energy | Czesław Mozil
sn. 24-09-2023, 17:00
Family concert
Symphony Hall
What exactly is energy? Sometimes we have plenty of it, and other times we feel completely devoid of it. Where can we find energy when we lack it? It turns out that we can draw energy from the sun, wind, and atoms, but also from our interactions with other people and from art. The concept of different types of energy will be introduced to us by the children from Class 2a of Primary School No. 3 in Szczecin. On a Sunday afternoon, the well-known voice of Czesław Mozil, reading a therapeutic fairy tale for children about a character named Utworko who lacks energy and resides in the Philharmonic Hall, will captivate the children.

Public task is financed by the City of Szczecin.
Czesław Mozil
Miłosz Bembinow