Mariusz Dziubek
Mariusz Dziubek is a conductor, arranger, composer, musician, music producer, and Doctor of Musical Arts. He is a graduate of the Music Academy in Warsaw, the Music Academy in Wrocław, the Music Academy in Gdańsk, the Music Academy in Bydgoszcz, and the Lower Silesian School of Public Services.
Since childhood, Dziubek has been fascinated by wind instruments, which permeate the scores of his unconventional projects. He is a dedicated advocate for wind instruments and projects promoting wind ensembles, successfully performing both in Poland and abroad, and presenting original arrangements of classical, popular, and jazz music. His charismatic conducting style has become his trademark and sets him apart from other renowned artists.

In 2011, he founded his project called Dziubek Band in Wrocław, a big band combining pop, funk, jazz, disco, and dubstep elements. With musicians playing trumpets, trombones, saxophones, guitars, keyboards, and percussion instruments, he creates energetic and powerful sounds.

In 2012, Dziubek was responsible for the preparation and participation in conducting workshops for conductors of the Polish Army orchestras. He also performed in the "Princess Csardas" concert with the Chamber Orchestra in the Concert Hall of Radio Wrocław. Since 2012, he has led the Wind Orchestra – the Wind Instrument Ensemble at the Karol Lipiński Music Academy in Wrocław. The following year, he was promoted to senior officer, obtained the rank of Major, and became the conductor-bandmaster of the Representative Orchestra of the Land Forces. In 2014, he conducted concerts with the Academic Wind Orchestra at the Music Academy in Wrocław. He also appeared as Dziubek Band in the fourth edition of the music talent show "Must Be the Music" and the seventh edition of "Poland's Got Talent!" In 2015, he conducted a concert at the National Philharmonic for the Warsaw Garrison Command. He also pursued an academic path in parallel with his musical and military career. He defended his Doctor of Musical Arts degree in 2016. He co-created the spectacle "Awakening" for the opening ceremony of the European Capital of Culture 2016, with the participation of over 200 wind orchestra musicians from across Poland. He is the author of the composition instrumentation performed on that occasion. In 2018, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He began his service in the leadership of the Representative Artistic Ensemble of the Polish Army.
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