Producer, rapper, vocalist. His artistic journey can only be measured by the number of concerts and kilometres travelled, and now every performance of his is a true musical event, especially for those who know him only as an artist associated with the hip-hop scene.
He has both gold and platinum records to his name for his albums. "Holizm" and "Gatunek L" were nominated for the prestigious Fryderyk Music Award in the Album of the Year – Hip-Hop category.

GrubSon was the first to break the YouTube record, and his song "Na szczycie" (At the Top) became the first hip-hop track to surpass 100 million views.

In collaboration with Przemek Corso, the book "GrubSon – na szczycie" was published in the autumn of 2018, which, about his biggest hit, tells the story that... there is no peak, and hard work never ends.

In 2019, GrubSon accepted an invitation to the iconic Red Bull Sound Clash and defeated Krzysztof Zalewski in a direct musical battle in front of a large audience at Warsaw's Torwar. That was a breakthrough year for GrubSon – it was also when the special SENTYMENTALNIE TOUR took place, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the album "O.R.S." and the 15th anniversary of his artistic career. It consisted of 10 concerts across Poland with an expanded lineup.

GrubSon also made his acting debut in the TVN production "1800 gramów" (1800 Grams), for which he also created the titular song in a duet with Ania Dąbrowska.

On November 27, 2020, GrubSon's latest, sixth studio album was released, titled "AKUSTYCZ(NIE)ZUPEŁNIE" (ACOUSTIC(NOT)COMPLETE), which was created in close collaboration with guitarist and composer Jakub Mitoraj. GrubSon, known for his excellent fusion of musical genres and experimentation with expressive means, recorded the album in a completely fresh, acoustic-electronic style. Like throughout his career, the songs serve as social commentary and stories about us – people. "AKUSTYCZ(NIE)ZUPEŁNIE" focuses on interpersonal relationships, love, and humanity in a technology-dominated world.

As he admits, it is the most personal album in his entire career, one that he couldn't have recorded earlier, and thanks to the close collaboration with Jakub Mitoraj; he gained the necessary perspective. The partnership, which began with joint concert tours (Mitoraj is a member of the Sanepid Live Band playing with GrubSon for years) and acoustic sounds allowing for completely new arrangements – seemingly rigid sounds – took the musicians on a shared, uninhibited, and very bold musical journey: from the natural, pure sound of the guitar to the electronic boundaries of genres. Everything was "designed" precisely to surprise listeners with something new with each listen. The album is promoted by the singles "UMYSŁ" (MIND), "EMOTIKONY" (EMOTICONS), and "AKTUAL(NIE)LEPSZA WERSJA" (CURRENT(NOT)BETTER VERSION). The album also features guest appearances by friendly artists: Mrozu, Marika, Jarecki, Paprodziad, and Igor Herbut.
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