Adrian Łabanowski
It is a Polish independent artist, performer, musician, painter, and songwriter who is also the leader of the music group No Logo. Born in 1985, he comes from the picturesque border town of Sejny, located in the northeastern corner of Poland.
He is known for his unconventional ideas in combining different musical genres. Łabanowski creates reggae music, but with the No Logo, he incorporates many influences directly from rock and rap music. He enjoys surprising listeners with his sound, which is why he and the rest of the team have created their own musical genre called WRRR! (vital rock reggae rap). This term perfectly suits the character of his music and lyrics because, as the lead vocalist of No Logo, he not only sings but also writes the lyrics and composes the music. The audience appreciates him for his lack of stereotypical and boring approach to each of his songs.
fr. 22-09-2023, 19:00
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